Overfed Yet Nutritionally Starving…..

The body requires the ready availability of approximately 40 individual micronutrients for optimal health. A deficiency in any one of these micronutrients may contribute to the development of disease. The typical Westerner is overfed yet is nutritionally starving. This is probably one of the main reasons why chronic disease continues to grow so rapidly. I can easily argue that the modern day human requires a great deal more micronutrients in their diet to deal with the chemical assault that we are under, compared to our ancestors; yet the majority of us rely on nutritionally depleted junk food and a mainstream agricultural system that produces foods that are not only riddled with chemicals, but are also nutritionally inferior to those grown 70 years ago. If you add in the fact that the most nutrient dense foods are rarely eaten, it is not surprising that we are seeing the current explosion in chronic health problems and that life expectancy is now starting to fall.

We are paying the price of being too far removed from our food supply and the traditions that our ancestors employed to source and prepare food. There is a chasm between the amount of a vitamin or mineral required to prevent the immediate onset of disease (e.g. rickets) and the levels required for optimal health and vitality. So what is the answer? Pop a supplement or two?

No. Most supplements are not only synthetic versions of those found in nature, but also contain a raft of binders and fillers. Research concludes that ‘natural vitamins are nutritionally superior to synthetic ones.’ Anyway, I would hazard a guess based on clinical experience, that the average Westerner has compromised digestive function anyway, so the first port of call involves repairing the damage that has been done to the digestive system, supporting the physical act of digestion and flooding the body with nutrients from real food. You maybe surprised what happens……