Video – Sensitivities, Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmunity Seminar Recordings

How food and environmental choices might impact your long term health
Recording of the seminar that was held at Arlington Arts at the end of April 2017.
To view Part 1 of this recording please click on the header image above or this link:
To watch Part 2 click this link: Part 2
To watch Part 3 click this link: Part 3
Research shows that unidentified sensitivities (to both food and the environment) are often implicated in the development of and/or perpetuation of a number of chronic health conditions including but not limited to eczema, joint pain, IBS, indigestion, depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, congestion and heart palpitations.

This seminar provides you with an easy to understand overview of the following key topics:
1) What is the difference between an allergy, sensitivity and intolerance?
2) What impact might unidentified food and environmental sensitivities behaving on your health?
3) Coeliac disease and non coeliac gluten sensitivity – the differences
4) Why simply cutting gluten out of the diet is not enough if you are a diagnosed coeliac
5) Sensitivities and autoimmunity
6) Items to carefully consider when choosing a sensitivity test
7) Personalised dietary and lifestyle interventions and the road to health

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